Time Management

for work-at-home entrepreneurs | Developed and taught by Phyllis Khare

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What is TimeBliss.ME?

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Long ago and far away, I found myself in a very deep hole of stress. I was writing my second book, had clients, and an expanding family and I found myself staying up too late, falling behind and feeling like a loser. I had to do something - and quickly.

In this course I'm showing you exactly how I managed to break out of that situation. I was simply forced into finding a better way of managing myself, my tasks and my time. It was either that or go crawl under my desk, or completely give up on my career – or quit writing my books.

None of those were an option, so I was forced to invent a new approach, one that actually enabled me to take control over my schedule, instead of constantly being controlled by it. You know how they say: Evolve or die? Luckily, I evolved. With no other options and with my back against the wall, I developed a new way to use Google Calendar to schedule my day… and it ended up transforming my life.

And today…I want to share my system with you. Please watch the video to get a better understanding of this course and how it can help you.

This course is best for:

  • work-at-home entrepreneurs
  • social media managers
  • virtual assistants
  • anyone with a side hustle

Don't suffer because you don't have enough time...

This course not only covers the practical HOW-TO to use your Google Calendar, but also the mind-set blocks you WILL run into as you develop a better relationship with TIME.

Phyllis Khare
Phyllis Khare
Coach and Online Business Strategist

Phyllis Khare is a two-times Dummies Author – co-authoring Facebook Marketing All-In-One for Dummies 1st and 2nd Editions with Andrea Vahl and Amy Porterfield and she’s the author of Social Media Marketing ELearning Kit for Dummies. She is the Co-Founder of Social Media Manager School and Social Media Strategy School. She’s developed a highly acclaimed time-management program for entrepreneurs and she’s the social media strategist for Peaceful Media — consulting with thought-leader brands all over the world – in many different industries.

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